Sandwich panels manufacture uae

Roof Metal Industries is the manufacturer of sandwich panels, Insulated panels, Profile Sheets, Purlins, and Flashings with complete accessories, purlins for our valued customer worldwide.


Sandwich panels are made of three components viz.

External Metal,(Topskin)

Insulation Core

 Internal Metal.(Liner)


Sandwich panels external(Top skin)  and Internal(Liner)metals are available in Aluminium prepainted,Aluminium mill finish,Galavanized Steel prepainted ,Galvanized Steel mill finish.

It can also have Aluzinc (Galvalume) external and internal metals.

Sandwich panels metals as mentioned above can be available in thickness of 0.5 mm, 0.7mm & 0.9 mm in Aluminium and in thickness of 0.3mm,26 guage,0.5 ,0.7 and 0.9 mm in Galvanized Steel and in Aluzinc.Sandwich panel’s metals are available in Polyester coated; Silicon modified Polyesters coated, PVDF coated, ARS coated and Plastisol coated.

They  are available in wide range of colors in different types of coatings.They are made up of Polyurethane Insulation core in density of 35-38 Kg/m3 for B2 & B3 class Fire rating.They  are made up of Polyisocynurate Insulation core in density of 48 Kg/m3 for B1 class.

Sandwich panels are produced in 35mm,50 mm,75mm,100mm and 150 mm as standard thickness but also can be produced in non standard thickness like 27 mm etc for regular and big volume.

They  are produced in Profile like 45/250; 45/150; 38/200 & 40/250 and 35/207.They  are also produced in shallow ribs Flat Metal having tongue and groove joining system.Sandwich panels are widely used for steel buildings like Factory; Warehouses, Store Depot.

Sandwich panels are also used as Roof panels for Shopping Mall, Schools, Labour Camps and any type of buildings.They  are also used for prefab houses and porta cabin and also used for cold rooms like freezer and chiller.Sandwich panels are light weight and cost effective and easy to transport and installation.

Sandwich panels main function is to protect the buildings from extreme cold or hot ambient temperature thus helping sheltering from environmental extreme conditions due to its very good insulation properties.

Sandwich panels gives Customer choice for colors by providing aesthetic and architectural look to the buildings due to its availability in any customized colors like Off White, Beige, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange Yellow etc.

Sandwich panels are produced in any customized length upto 13 meter and suits any structural requirements shown on drawings due to permutation and combination of different materials specifications, customized length sizes, availibity of colors and Heat Insulation properties to meet the design U and K value, and also due to fire class selection to specifications.

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